Rosemary creates keepsake pieces whether it be it for a retiring CEO or Valued Employee. Many of her awards are repeating awards issued once a year.

Your invitations for that special occasion are made just for you with every design being unique. You have a choice of having Rosemary's lettering either flat printed, engraved or letterpress.

Seating boards for a wedding or special event, poems, songs monograms are each creatively designed and often framed using conservation materials. Rosemary works in pen and ink, watercolors and often 23K gold. (But she has also been found painting on fabric or carving in wood!)

Featured Artwork

"O Glorious St. Joseph" prayer commissioned by St. Joseph's Seminary, Yonkers, NY and presented to Pope Benedict on the occasion of his Papal visit in April, 2008.

An interesting fact about this piece is that Pope Benedict personally took this with him in his "Pope Mobile" when he left the seminary.

Shapiro presented Pope Francis with a framed scroll welcoming him to Montgomery County in September, 2015. The scroll was commissioned by the Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board.


New Class to be offered in the Spring of 2017
The Making of a Corporate Award

This class will held here in our home with only 2 students at a time. We will work in my studio learning the steps and the elements of creating awards for corporations. Class will be intense and run for 4 days. The first class will be held April 25-April 30, 2017 and the second class will be November 7-12, 2017. Students come in on Tuesday and class begins on Wednesdayand runs through Saturday. Leave for home the following day unless you are driving! In those four days we will work here in my studio and I will walk you through just how I approach these awards, various texts to use and some of the “tricks of the trade” that I have learned over these many years of producing these awards. Our chef will be my husband, Steve, and we cook “fresh” here and will try to accommodate special diets. 

The class fee will be $1500 to cover everything you will need from the airport and back to the airport. If interested, please contact me.


Painting and Illumination Class


Rosemary is planning an Advanced Class in Painting and Illumination. This class will cover areas such as painting the face, folds in fabric, painting a jewel or several jewels, as well as a gossamer or "see through" veil. Several students have requested to go deeper and so this class will be scheduled for the spring of 2015. If you are interested please let me know. The class will only allow for about 2-12 students (location to be announced). Students who have previously attended her classes will have first preference. This class will not be for the faint of heart. It will be a wonderful experience in ground pigments as well. A refundable deposit of $250.00 will hold your space now. If you have further questions please feel free to call the studio or email me at


This class, Queen Esther, is painted in ground pigments on calf vellum although some are choosing watercolor paper.  We do some gilding as well as paint the face, fabric with pattern and folds as well as gossamer veil. Then we do pearls, amethyst and rubies.  We do some reverse embroidery on shell gold as well.  And yes, we do some gilding.  So we cover a lot of ground in 6 days.  The purpose of the class is to provide instruction as to how to accomplish some of these unique painting elements common in the manuscripts of the middle ages.

Every one stays at Chestnut Hill on the Delaware which is a 5 star B & B which perches on the Delaware River.  Breakfast is there at the Inn and then my husband, Steve is the chef here and he prepares our lunches and dinners!  We cook fresh and we try to accommodate everyone's diet needs. (We also cook mostly vegetarian for ourselves)  We are happy to accommodate. Only 6 in the class as that is how many I can seat at my dining room table. We don't have a large house but it works well for this class.

Students who are out of the area fly into Newark International Airport and we pick everyone up on Sunday and class is Monday through Saturday and then everyone flies home on Sunday. We pick everyone up and return everyone and no supplies are needed. We provide all the supplies to be successful.


A Master Class in Illumination

November 6-13, 2016

In this class we cover raised gilding, flat gilding, gold grisaille and many brush techniques to accomplish Psalm 23 which is posted here. We break the rules a bit and push the boundaries a bit as as we use watercolor, gouache as well as grinding our own pigments to accomplish this piece. All materials are provided so the student needs only come with their personal things. Accomodations are hosted at the beautiful 5 star B & B Chestnut Hill on the Delaware, a beautiful Victorian "painted lady" hosted by a lovely couple whom I have know for over 25 years. Breakfast is provided at the Inn and lunches and dinners are provided by my "chef" husband, Steve. For more information please contact our studio.